About Exo Roast Co.

The Company, the Coffee, and the Roasting

Our goal at Exo Roast Co. is to obtain the world’s finest coffees, craft roast them in small batches, and distribute them in limited quantities to ensure unequaled quality.  Each month we receive samples of the most exemplary coffees from each of the major growing regions of the world.  We test-roast and evaluate each of them, and only the best make it onto our offerings list.

For Exo, the roasting process is a personal one.  We develop a specific roast profile for each coffee in order to bring out the finest aspects of its character. We roast in a cast iron, gas-fired, vintage German roaster.  No button pushing, no computer programs.

Beyond bean quality itself, freshness is key to optimal coffee. At Exo, our coffees all come to you at their optimal roast date to insure peak flavor profile experience.

Education and Social Responsibility

Coffee is a complex and fascinating world.  Exo’s mission is in part educational. We want to advance socially responsible and environmentally sustainable coffee in our community.  To that end, we thoroughly research our coffees’ origins and strive to make socially just selections. Some of our coffees fund women’s cooperatives in Peru, others build schools in Ethiopia and Indonesia.  All of our coffees are fairly traded whether “certified” or not. Not every premium coffee can be certified “fair trade” or “organic” simply because many small producers cannot afford certification.  To reject a coffee on that basis may mean ignoring the passion farmers put into their crops.

We invite you to join us in our effort to craft a healthy and socially conscious local business community.  Help us cultivate our local coffee culture.

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  1. June 21, 2012 at 12:34 am

    One of the coolest new coffee shops in town. Loved the quality of the drip and the knowledge, and expertise of the guy behind the bar.

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