Organic Wicked Carnival Espresso Blend

Our first signature espresso blend, the Wicked Carnival, is organic, and serves admirably both as an espresso blend as well as other extractions, such as drip coffee. It features a selection of Indonesian, Central, and South American coffees, all of which are hand selected by the roasters on a monthly basis. Unlike many espresso blends, the Wicked Carnival is a dynamic espresso blend, meaning that we alter bean selection and proportions to deliver a consistently amazing cup, as opposed to static blends, which may diminish in taste as the coffee harvesting cycles in various parts of the world come and go.

The Wicked Carnival is a medium bodied espresso, showcasing the beans with a light roast profile, so the regional characteristics of the bean, as well as the processing methods, stand out. It produces significant creme, flecked, with a nose of honey, caramel, graham cracker, and light citrus fruits. In the cup, there are notes of brown sugar, honeycomb, lemon zest, peach, and a smattering of raw cacao. The mouthfeel is deliciously viscous, and it finishes with a combination of apple and beer bitters.