The Company, the Coffee, and the Roasting

Exo Roast Co. is about meticulous attention to the coffees that bear our name. From sourcing green beans to refining roast profiles to searching out the optimal extraction for each coffee, Exo is committed, everyday, to providing our customers with the best coffee experience possible.

Exo’s first objective is to provide our customers with the optimal coffee experience. This means, above all, the highest-quality specialty coffee available, fresh, craft-roasted, and expertly extracted so as to bring out its best character. Beyond the beans themselves, our approach to coffee enables us to participate in the movement toward socially responsible and environmentally sustainable food systems, both globally and locally. Globally, we source our coffees from all the major growing regions of the world. All of them come from small, shade-grown farms, and we make it a point to know as much about specific farms as possible.
We have a strong preference for fair trade and organic coffees. But like other top roasters in the country, we recognize that not every premium coffee can be certified organic or fair trade. Sometimes this is a simple matter of farmers' inability to afford certifications.

To reject a coffee on that basis may mean rejecting one of the most highly prized coffees on the market, including the care the farmer put into it. Increasingly, Exo seeks out coffees from programs that pay farmers better than the benchmark prices set by the fair trade system.

We care deeply about place. We are committed to using as many local ingredients as possible and try when we can, to connect our recipes with regional and local ingredients. We are dedicated to our community and believe that we are stewards to making this little corner of the world the best that it can be. We value the integrity, work and character of our Exo community---our employees, customers and the vendors and wholesale partnerships we work with.

Wholesale Coffee

For all of our wholesale customers, we roast to order and preference. We deliver at no charge in Tucson; outside Tucson, we are happy to ship.

Beyond bean quality itself, freshness is key to a satisfying coffee experience. When you work with Exo, you get coffee fresh out of the roaster. We roast to order: you order only what you need, and we deliver/ship weekly. We will also be happy to work with you on custom drip and espresso blends.

In addition, Exo will work from the bottom up to train your staff on coffee basics and the extraction methods that make sense for your business. We consider this a value-added service, at no charge to you, that helps guarantee a successful partnership. We will offer continuing training support, as you deem necessary.

Please feel free to request samples if you're interested in working wholesale with us. We are happy to taste coffees along with you to arrive at a product that fulfills your expectations.

Education and Social Responsibility

Coffee is a complex and fascinating world. Exo's mission is in part educational.

We want to advance socially responsible and environmentally sustainable coffee in our community. To that end, we thoroughly research our coffees’ origins and strive to make socially just selections. All of our coffees are fairly traded whether "certified" or not.

We invite you to join us in our effort to craft a healthy and socially conscious local business community. Help us cultivate our local coffee culture. And, please, stop by our shop at 403 N. 6th Avenue to participate in a coffee cupping (every 1st and 3rd Saturday at NOON) or other educational events, to talk and take a cup of coffee, or just to say hello.